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no one knows these days...

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Pretty Nervous

Why Hillary went to Congo? Human Rights? Bullshit!

Trying to stop this new deal between China & Congo? Fact!

She's pretty nervous, probably didn't work out how she want it...

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From Rick Klotz...

Dear Friends,

Since I started Freshjive, I have had a personal conflict with this business of "branding". In fact, I was so conflicted at one time, that I quit working. I am in the business of promoting the company brand yet personally I am not interested in items for the brand name. It's a bit of a quagmire with me because I hate the culture of promoting a brand yet I enjoy designing clothes and t shirt designs.

Beginning with our spring 2010 line, we will no longer be using our brand logo or name on any of our product, including all labeling and t shirt designs. Nowhere on any product will our name or previous brand logo be used anymore.

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White Power, black power, yellow power, green power... whats wrong whit you??? Power to the people should be the only thing that really matters. Fuck all this freemasons corporate's scumbags that keeps us fighting for stupid invented ideologies. They keep our vibrations low! Wake up!!!